About Us

Mexican Baja Hoodies has been formed by the owners of Hammock Heaven because our hoodies are so popular they needed their own website! Here you will only find genuine Mexican Baja Hoodies and ponchos.
All the Baja hoodies and Mexican Textiles that we import and sell are made in Mexico by a small workshop located in the high mountains not too far from Mexico City. All the artisans, weavers and workers involved in production are fairly recompensed for their skills and labour, with your purchase you are helping these workers to have a sustainable income. We are committed to help small scale artisans and producers and are active members of the Fair Trade Association of New Zealand and Australia
You are welcome to buy online or come to our shop where you will be able to try on the different sizes.
Our Shop is located at:

Mexican Baja Hoodies
398 Pittwater Rd
North Manly, NSW 2100

Give us a call if you have some questions regarding our products, payment, shipping or to discuss anything you need, we are here to help you and we love hearing from you:
contact us on: 02 9905 0952