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Genuine Classic Mexican Baja Tops featuring a hood, wide neck with ties and a front pocket. Practical hooded outerwear made from a cotton acrylic blend sourced from recycled and re purposed T Shirts in Mexico. These hoodies feature a durable rustic exterior with a soft, cosy brush interior. All our Hoodies are handmade and sown and are not mass produced so very slight differences make every hoodie unique! Historically Bajas are associated with the culture of Hippies, surfers & skateboarders in Mexico & North America. The weave of the fabric makes the Baja breathable and warm and therefore a firm favourite for festival goers, surfers or just a casual night out. The tops are great for cool summer evenings and are available in sizes generous enough to wear with layers underneath. These classic Mexican Hoodies are also known by the names Jerga Hoodies, Hippie Jumper, Drug Rug and in Mexico as “Chamarra de Canguro”.